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(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 1

1 Nephi Chapter 1

A More Modern Interpretation of the Book of Mormon: Introduction

1:1 I am Nephi. I grew up in a good home with parents who taught me well. Even though I’ve faced hard times, I feel blessed – God has been good to me. Along the way, I’ve gained some insight into His kindness and mysteries. And now, I write this record as an account of my life.

1:2  I’ve made this record in my father’s language, which includes the teachings of the Jews and the language of the Egyptians.

1:3 I wrote this record myself with care and thought. Everything here comes straight from my personal knowledge and experience.

1:4 My father Lehi lived in Jerusalem his entire life. However, during King Zedekiah’s first year of reign, troubling signs darkened his beloved city. Prophets emerged, solemnly warning all who would listen that destruction would surely befall Jerusalem unless the people repented. The prophets implored them to turn from their sinful ways, in hopes of saving the cherished city from ruin.

1:5 My father fervently prayed for the wellbeing of his people.

1:6 As he prayed, a pillar of fire appeared before him and he saw and heard things that caused him to shake and tremble.

1:7 Being overwhelmed by the Spirit, he returned to his house in Jerusalem and laid down in his bed.

1:8 While in this state, he was carried away in a vision and saw the heavens open and he thought he saw God, surrounded by angels who were singing and praising their God.

1:9 He saw One descending out of heaven, and saw that his radiance was brighter than the noon sun.

1:10 He also saw twelve others following him, and their radiance was brighter than the stars in heaven.

1:11 They came down to earth and stood before my father and gave him a book and asked him to read it.

1:12 As my father read it, he was filled with the Spirit.

1:13 And these are the words that he read: “Beware Jerusalem, I have seen your sins!” And my father continued to read about Jerusalem, that it would be destroyed and its citizens would die by the sword and others would be held captive by Babylon.

1:14 After my father had read many great and marvelous things, he said unto the Lord; “O Lord God Almighty! Your power and goodness and mercy are over all people, and because you are merciful, you will not allow your people to perish!”

1:15 My Father praised God and his soul rejoiced and his heart was filled, because of what the Lord showed him.

1:16 Now, I will not detail all my father wrote, for his records are vast, chronicling his many God-given visions and dreams, including prophecies for his children.

1:17 Instead, I have created a summary of my father’s records on these plates which I have made with my own hands; as well as an account of my life. 

1:18 And after the Lord showed so many marvelous things to my father Lehi, he went among the people and prophesied of the things that he saw. 

1:19 But the Jews mocked him, for his words were hard to hear. He spoke out against their wickedness and shared the vision he had seen – of redemption. He revealed from the book of prophecy, the coming of the Messiah who was to rescue the world. 

1:20 The Jews were filled with anger against him, even as they had been towards the prophets of old who were cast out and stoned and killed. They sought to take my father’s life as well. But the tender mercies of the Lord were upon him, as they are upon all those whom he chooses for their faith, that they may become mighty even unto the power of deliverance.