Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

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Butch Rogers

02 Aug, 2015

Why should anyone blog?  Why should I blog?  The simple answer is, people blog because they think they have something to say and I'm no exception.  I'm writing for two reasons, first for myself, because I find it therapeutic, secondly for others who find a connection with my journey and my thoughts.  This blog is about faith, more particularly, about faith and living courageously in the midst of uncertainty. Most of the religious teaching I have received has attempted to remove doubt and uncertainty from my spiritual experience.  For sometime now I have asked the question, does it really require faith to live in the midst of certainty?  Secondly, are we in our attempts to define God in reality just trying to cope with the uncertainties of life that will always be a part of human existence?

I don't like the way we deal with death in Western world.  Recently, I attended the calling hours for a 41 year-old women (a wife, mother and grandmother) who was killed accidentally after a morning run.  The man driving the truck that hit her took his eyes off the road for a split second.   The calling hours were attended by hundreds of people who were doing their best to console the family and offer words or encouragement. How can anyone make sense of such a tragic accident?   Simply put, we can't!  What happened is totally senseless,  yet we try to spin death in some positive way.  It's gut wrenching for the love ones as they try to continue to live.  I do believe its their faith that will see them through, a faith to live in the midst of uncertainty.  To continue on will require courage and as Paul Tillich says "Courage can show us what being is, and being can show us what courage is" (from The Courage to Be)