Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

More About Death and Uncertainity

Butch Rogers

03 Aug, 2015

In the last post I said I don't like the way we deal with death in our society.  We want to sanitize it.  How can something so disruptive and devastating be cleaned up?  What words of comfort can be said to someone whose world has just been ripped apart?  We provide comfort with our presence.  Its the living giving hope to the living simply by being there.  We all hold out hope to see our loved ones again, but it's uncertain.  A statement like this can be very prickly if not offensive, because most of our religious teaching has emphasized the certainty of life after death.

Scripture presents conflicting views of life after death.  In the Old Testament very little is said about life beyond the grave.  In the gospels we see two Jewish sects that had different views of life after death, one believing in life after death and the other not.  The Apostle Paul says very little about life after death, even though he has a lot to say about the resurrection from the dead.  Death is mysterious and much surrounding it cannot be explained, but we hold out hope for something that we cannot define or defend--life beyond the grave.

The uncertainty of death looms over us, yet we courageously live on, hearing the voices of those who have gone before us softly telling us to embrace life and live it to the full.  Isn't that the gift from Jesus?