Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

"I'm outa here"

Butch Rogers

07 Sep, 2015

Many of the Christian hymns that I'm familiar with center on leaving this place (our world) and going to a better place (heaven).  I know these songs by heart and enjoy singing them, but they promote a gospel that is centered in escapism.  Escaping a life of sin, escaping the ideas of the world and ultimately escaping the world itself.  This escapism gospel is misguided and actually goes against the heart of Jesus's gospel.  Jesus' gospel is all about living and living now.  Living a full life centered in love.  Unfortunately, many fundamental and evangelical Christians believe that living the Christian life is all about going to heaven,  thus escaping the wrath of God and the doom that God has in store for an unrepentant world.

This view of God and Christianity has shifted many Christians' focus from the world that we live in to another world that we cannot see much less even imagine.   We are living now, how life plays out after death is known only to God.  Life lived here matters.  What we do to our environment matters.  What a tragedy that many evangelical Christians are blinded to the reality of climate change and the potential impact it will have on our planet and its inhabitants.  I recently heard an evangelical leader say he does not agree with the Pope's view on climate change and capitalism.  Have we allowed right wing politicians to shape our world view, believing that climate change is a farce and capitalism is God's gift to the world?  Do we not care about the widening gulf between rich and poor and the impact that this has on human beings?  I continue to sing songs steeped in escapism, but I refuse to believe that Christianity is all about  "understanding it all by and by" when we get to heaven.  I want to be a part of this world, being mindful of my responsibility to this world.