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Einstein’s Letter on the Bible’s Creation Story For Sale

In Martha Munk’s initial letter, sent in March 1950, she wrote, “On behalf of the students of a series of lectures on religion, I would like to ask you whether you think that it is possible for a modern scientist to reconcile the idea of the creation of the world by God, a higher power, with his scientific knowledge.”

Einstein claims that as a scientist, he cannot believe the Torah’s creation story because science “replaces and supersedes” the ideology.  

“The person who is more or less trained in scientific thinking is alien to the religious creation (in the original sense) of the cosmos, because he applies the standard of causal conditionality to everything. This does not refute the religious attitude but, in a certain sense, replaces and supersedes it.”

“If you are however to interpret the Bible symbolically (metaphorically), it is not clear anymore whether God is in fact to be thought of as a person”

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