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A More Modern (AMM) Interpretation of the Book of Mormon: Introduction

To the Reader—

The Book of Mormon is a source of spiritual guidance and inspiration for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and likely many others. This book of scripture has long been revered as a testament of faith and an integral part of the LDS Church’s canon.

In recent years, however, many have sought to gain a greater understanding of the Book of Mormon through the modernization and abridgment of its content. The translation and abridgment of the Book of Mormon is a labor intensive process. It continues to involve multiple versions of edits and rewrites, and an extensive review by hand-picked volunteers. Compared to my previous abridgment projects such as Anna Karenina, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Peter Pan, Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, and others, each of which took slightly over a month to complete, our ongoing endeavor to condense the Book of Mormon has extended for more than two years now.

The purpose of this process is to make the Book of Mormon more accessible to some contemporary audiences; it is not meant to replace the original Book of Mormon. Most of those that are already comfortable reading the Book of Mormon,  will prefer to read it in its original King James scriptural language.  

It is important to note that not every detail, nuance or theological purpose of the original book of Mormon is included in this translation.

A Word of Understanding and Caution

Many readers will find this modern interpretation of the Book of Mormon unsatisfying or possibly even irreverent. We are used to hearing the word of God in formal King James-style language. This plainer speech with modernized themes may initially feel less sacred or divine.

In the opinion of those working on this project, God is not bound by 17th century English. God has spoken to people of all times in ways they understand – whether formal or casual, lofty or down-to-earth. The truth of God’s message does not depend on the era of language.

This modern rendering aims to make this substantial book more accessible to today’s readers. The goal is to open it’s teachings to a wider audience, not to provide the definitive interpretation. More than precise literalism, the spiritual essence and enlightenment within these pages is what matters most to us.

*This interpretation is not endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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