Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

Save Yourself

Butch Rogers

01 May, 2016

As I approach sixty, I have become less concerned about life beyond the grave and more concerned about life before the grave.  I guess I know more about life before the grave than I do about life beyond the grave and I’m content to put the latter in God’s hands.  I am more aware of my need for salvation than ever before, not the salvation of “my soul” when I die, but salvation from the things that keep me from becoming the best human being I can be;  in particular, a good husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend.

The apostle Paul said “work out your own salvation”.  I know many people say it is God that saves us, and I will not disagree or debate that, but working out my own salvation puts the onus on me.  I don’t understand how God renders help to us (I do ask God for help), but I do know how I can save myself in order to live well on this side of the grave.

I can work hard at changing my thoughts, behavior and attitude, not making excuses for my failures and not using God as a crutch.  To state it another way, sometimes I need saving from myself, and I should do everything I can to “work out my own salvation” to overcome those obstacles that keep me from becoming the best version of myself.  No excuses!