Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

Let the Mystery be Mystery

Butch Rogers

23 Jun, 2018

I am struck by the words of the theme song from the television series The Leftovers: “Let the mystery be mystery”.  I must admit this is hard for me to do.  As an accountant, I want everything to reconcile and balance out.  However, many things are irreconcilable and never balance out.  My fundamental religious upbringing led me to believe that the Bible has all the answers, when the truth is it leaves so many questions unanswered.  As odd as it may sound, I have learned to embrace uncertainty.  I no longer try to provide answers to unanswerable questions or explain what can’t be explained.

Recently, I spoke with a grandmother whose young granddaughter is dying from cancer.  At one time, I would have tried to comfort her with words about God like “it’s in God’s hands”.  I don’t know how comforting those words are.  I assume some will find comfort in them, while others may be confused and even discouraged by them.  My practice now is to hug them and simply express my sadness that they are having to go through such an inexplicable, terrible thing.

Can we hang our hat on anything?  A biblical writer said, “Now these three things remain; faith, hope and love.”   My daughter is a nurse in a cancer treatment facility.  She says her patients who have faith cope best.  A power beyond themselves enables them to endure through excruciating circumstances.  Hope gives us the strength to push through.  The writer reminds us that love is the greatest of the three.  Ultimately love sees us through it all.  This is the love that is passed on and carried in the hearts of those we leave behind.  This beautiful mystery can’t be explained but it provides us with peace and comfort.  Let the mystery be mystery.