Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

Acting Right

Butch Rogers

17 Dec, 2015

Holidays can be both delightful and dreadful.  We find delight in being around some friends and family, while dreading being around others. This causes a myriad of mixed emotions.  How do we deal with this?  Maybe the best way is to resolve to be a person of character no matter who we are with.  I used to believe that I was being hypocritical if I acted in a way that was not true to my feelings.  As I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I have learned it is better to act my way into a better way of feeling than to act on my feelings.  Acting on feelings can cause irreparable damage to relationships.

I have concluded that people of character act right even when it takes everything within them to do so.  Since I desire to be a person of character, I will push myself to  act right in any situation I find myself.  This is especially true during the holidays.  It's hard, but worth it since it leaves us with no regrets.