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1st Nephi AMM (A More Modern Interpretation)

1st Nephi Chapter 1

A More Modern Interpretation of the Book of Mormon: Introduction

1:1 I am Nephi. I grew up in a good home with parents who taught me well. Even though I’ve faced hard times, I feel blessed – God has been good to me. Along the way, I’ve gained some insight into His kindness and mysteries. And now, I write this record as an account of my life.

1:2  I’ve made this record in my father’s language, which includes the teachings of the Jews and the language of the Egyptians.

1:3 I wrote this record myself with care and thought. Everything here comes straight from my personal knowledge and experience.

1:4 My father Lehi lived in Jerusalem his entire life. However, during King Zedekiah’s first year of reign, troubling signs darkened his beloved city. Prophets emerged, solemnly warning all who would listen that destruction would surely befall Jerusalem unless the people repented. The prophets implored them to turn from their sinful ways, in hopes of saving the cherished city from ruin.

1:5 My father fervently prayed for the wellbeing of his people.

1:6 As he prayed, a pillar of fire appeared before him and he saw and heard things that caused him to shake and tremble.

1:7 Being overwhelmed by the Spirit, he returned to his house in Jerusalem and laid down in his bed.

1:8 While in this state, he was carried away in a vision and saw the heavens open and he thought he saw God, surrounded by angels who were singing and praising their God.

1:9 He saw One descending out of heaven, and saw that his radiance was brighter than the noon sun.

1:10 He also saw twelve others following him, and their radiance was brighter than the stars in heaven.

1:11 They came down to earth and stood before my father and gave him a book and asked him to read it.

1:12 As my father read it, he was filled with the Spirit.

1:13 And these are the words that he read: “Beware Jerusalem, I have seen your sins!” And my father continued to read about Jerusalem, that it would be destroyed and its citizens would die by the sword and others would be held captive by Babylon.

1:14 After my father had read many great and marvelous things, he said unto the Lord; “O Lord God Almighty! Your power and goodness and mercy are over all people, and because you are merciful, you will not allow your people to perish!”

1:15 My Father praised God and his soul rejoiced and his heart was filled, because of what the Lord showed him.

1:16 Now, I will not detail all my father wrote, for his records are vast, chronicling his many God-given visions and dreams, including prophecies for his children.

1:17 Instead, I have created a summary of my father’s records on these plates which I have made with my own hands; as well as an account of my life. 

1:18 And after the Lord showed so many marvelous things to my father Lehi, he went among the people and prophesied of the things that he saw. 

1:19 But the Jews mocked him, for his words were hard to hear. He spoke out against their wickedness and shared the vision he had seen – of redemption. He revealed from the book of prophecy, the coming of the Messiah who was to rescue the world. 

1:20 The Jews were filled with anger against him, even as they had been towards the prophets of old who were cast out and stoned and killed. They sought to take my father’s life as well. But the tender mercies of the Lord were upon him, as they are upon all those whom he chooses for their faith, that they may become mighty even unto the power of deliverance.

1st Nephi Chapter 2

2:1 The Lord said to my father in a dream: You are blessed Lehi, because of what you have done; and because you have been faithful and declared unto the people the things that I asked you to. And I know they seek to take away your life.

2:2 And the Lord directed my father in the dream to take his family and depart into the wilderness. 

2:3 He did as the Lord asked.

2:4 He left his house and his property and his gold and silver and took nothing with him, except his family, some supplies and a tent and retreated into the wilderness. 

2:5 He arrived with his family at the shore of the Red Sea after journeying through the wilderness. His family included me, my mother Sariah, and my older brothers Laman, Lemuel, and Sam.

2:6 After a three-day journey, we set up camp in a valley next to a river.

2:7 My father built a stone altar, and made an offering unto God and gave thanks. 

2:8 He named the river, Laman, and it emptied into the Red Sea and the valley bordered the mouth of the river. 

2:9 When my father saw the river that flowed into the Red Sea, he said to Laman, “My hope is that you can be like this river, always moving towards the fountain of righteousness.”

2:10 He also said to Lemuel, “Be like this steadfast valley, unwavering in keeping God’s commandments.”

2:11 My father said this because Laman and Lemuel were stubborn and often complained about him. They saw him as an idealistic man who had taken them from Jerusalem, leaving behind their inheritance, gold, silver, and other valuables to be lost in the wilderness. They claimed he had done this because of his foolish imaginations.

2:12 As the oldest children, Laman and Lemuel often complained about our father. They struggled to understand God’s plan and why He had created them, leaving them unhappy and discontent.

2:13 Laman and Lemuel refused to believe that Jerusalem, a great city, could be destroyed as the prophets had foretold. They were similar to the Jews in Jerusalem, who wanted to kill my father for his prophecies.

2:14 And my father spoke with them in the valley of Lemuel, powerfully and passionately filled with the Spirit. His words shook them and they could not find any words to oppose him. And so, they followed him.

2:15 And we dwelt in a tent. 

2:16 Although I, Nephi, was young, I was large and strong with a desire to learn about God’s mysteries. I prayed and cried out to the Lord who visited me, softening my heart. This led me to believe my father’s words, unlike my brothers who rebelled against him.

2:17 I shared with my brother Sam what the Lord had revealed to me through the Holy Spirit. Sam believed what I told him.

2:18 However, Laman and Lemuel refused to believe.

2:19 The Lord spoke to me again, saying, “Nephi, you are blessed because of your faith, for you have diligently sought me with humility and meekness of heart.”

2:20 As long as you keep my commandments, you shall prosper and be led to a promised land, a choice land above all others that I have prepared for you.

2:21 As long as your brothers rebel against you, the Lord will grieve for them.

2:22 And as long as you keep my commandments, you will lead and teach your brothers.

2:23 When the day comes that your brothers rebel against me, I will ensure they have no power over your descendants, as long as your posterity follows me.

2:24 If they reject me, their actions will teach your descendants the importance of remembering me.

1st Nephi Chapter 3

3:1 After the Lord spoke to me, I went back to my father’s tent.

3:2 My father said to me, I had a dream where the Lord instructed that you and your brothers must return to Jerusalem.

3:3 Laban has the record of the Jews along with a genealogy of our forefathers engraved on brass plates.

3:4 The Lord has commanded that you and your brothers should go back to Laban’s house, get the records, and bring them here.

3:5 I know your brothers will dislike this request and claim it is too difficult, but it is not I who asks, it is the Lord.

3:6 Please go, my son, and the Lord will be with you since you go in faith.

3:7 I said to my father, “If it is the Lord’s will, I will go.”

3:8 My father was glad to hear this, knowing the Lord would bless me.

3:9 My brothers and I packed up our tents and traveled back to Jerusalem.

3:10 When we reached the city, we stopped to talk about what our next steps should be.

3:11 To determine who would go to Laban’s house, my brothers and I drew lots. Laman lost, so he went by himself to speak with Laban.

3:12 Laman told Laban that he wanted the records that were engraved on the plates of brass, which contained our genealogy. 

3:13 When Laman spoke with Laban, Laban became furious. He threw my brother out of his house and refused to hand over the records. Laban called Laman a robber and threatened to kill him if he tried to take the records.

3:14 Laman escaped and told us how Laban had reacted. We were discouraged, and my brothers wanted to give up and return to our father in the wilderness.

3:15 Despite my own hesitations, I persuaded them not to go back until we had accomplished what the Lord and our father had commanded us to do.

3:16 I suggested we return to our old house in Jerusalem and retrieve the gold, silver, and property we had left behind.

3:17 We had left these things believing Jerusalem would soon be destroyed for rejecting the prophets.

3:18 Had we stayed, we too would have perished. We had to leave.

3:19 But now, God’s will is for us to obtain these records to preserve them for our children,

3:20 And to preserve the words spoken by the holy prophets through the Spirit and power of God from the world’s beginning.

3:21 I persuaded my brothers that we should continue on.

3:22 We returned to our home in Jerusalem and gathered our gold, silver and property.

3:23 After collecting these items, we returned to Laban.

3:24 We offered our gold, silver and property in exchange for the records that we sought. 

3:25 When Laban saw our riches, he wanted it all. He threw us out and sent servants to kill us and keep our possessions.

3:26 We fled from Laban’s servants, but had to abandon our possessions, which Laban recovered. 

3:27 We ran back to the wilderness and hid in a cave, safe from Laban and his servants. 

3:28 Angry with me and my father, Laman and Lemuel yelled at me and Samuel and started hitting us with sticks.

3:29 As they did this, an angel appeared and asked why they beat their younger brother, since the Lord had chosen me. The angel said if we returned to Jerusalem, the Lord would deliver Laban into our hands.

3:30 After the angel spoke to us, he departed.

3:31 But after the angel left, Laman and Lemuel began complaining again, saying “How can the Lord deliver Laban into our hands? He is a mighty man who can command and slay fifty men. Why wouldn’t he kill us too?”

1st Nephi Chapter 4

4:1 I said to my brothers: Let us return to Jerusalem with faith in the Lord who is greater than all of the world and infinitely mightier than Laban and his followers.

4:2 Let’s go back and be strong like Moses, who spoke unto the waters of the Red Sea and they parted, and our fathers and mothers came through out of captivity on dry ground while the armies of Pharaoh who followed were drowned. 

4:3 How can you doubt after an Angel has told you this is true? Let’s go back and the Lord will deliver us as he did the Egyptians. 

4:4 Despite my words, Laman and Lemuel persisted in complaining, though they reluctantly followed me back to Jerusalem’s walls.

4:5 We arrived at night and they hid outside of the walls. I crept into the city and towards the house of Laban. 

4:6 I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.

4:7 As I approached the house of Laban I saw a drunken man who had fallen to the earth before me. 

4:8 I saw that this was Laban, he stirred and drew his sword, lurching towards me with murderous intent.

4:9 I wrestled Laban’s sword from his hands. The hilt was pure gold, expertly crafted, and the blade finely wrought from precious steel. As we struggled, I knocked him to the earth, immobilizing him.

4:10 I was bound by the Spirit to kill Laban; but I said in my heart: Never at any time have I shed the blood of man. And I couldn’t do it. 

4:11 Yet once more the Spirit spoke to me, saying “The Lord has delivered Laban into your hands.” And I remembered that Laban had tried to take my life.

4:12 The Spirit commanded me again: Slay him, for the Lord has delivered him into your hands.

4:13 It is better for one single wicked individual to perish than for an entire nation to suffer.

4:14 Hearing this, I remembered the Lord’s promise in the wilderness – if we keep the commandments, we will prosper in the promised land.

4:15 I was aware that without the law, there would be no commandments.

4:16 And the law was written on the plates of brass. 

4:17 I realized that this is how the Lord had made it possible for us to acquire the plates from Laban. 

4:18 Again the Spirit spoke to me, commanding urgently. As darkness fell and with trembling hand I plunged the blade into Laban. I stood in silence, agonizing over what I had done.

4:19 I took Laban’s apparel and dressed myself fully in his garments and armor and with heavy step started towards his treasury. 

4:20 Continuing onward, I encountered Laban’s servant, keeper of the treasury keys. In Laban’s voice, I commanded him to come with me.

4:21 He thought I was Laban because of the clothes I was wearing. 

4:22 He talked to me about the Jewish elders, knowing that his master Laban had been out that night with them.

4:23 Speaking in Laban’s voice, I conversed with his servant.

4:24 I instructed him that I sought to retrieve the brass plates, to take outside Jerusalem’s walls to my “brethren”.

4:25 I told him to come with me. 

4:26 Believing my words and thinking I meant church brethren, he followed me.

4:27 As we walked, he talked to me about the Jewish elders and their traditions. 

4:28 Seeing me approach in Laban’s apparel, my brothers Laman, Lemuel, and Sam were afraid. They fled, thinking Laban had killed me and now came for them.

4:29 But, I called after them and they heard me and stopped running.

4:30 Laban’s servant saw my brothers and trembled, ready to flee back to Jerusalem.

4:31 Being large in stature and strengthened by the Lord, I seized Laban’s servant to stop him fleeing.

4:32 And I spoke with him and asked that he trust me and that as the Lord lives, and as I live, that if he would listen to me, we would spare his life. 

4:33 Sensing his fear, I made him a promise he would be a free man like us if he left Jerusalem to join us in the wilderness.

4:34 I also explained to him that God had told us to leave Jerusalem and we were obeying the Lord. I assured him that if he came with us our father would provide him with a place to stay. 

4:35 learned this servant’s name was Zoram. He trusted my words and took heart in my promise, vowing to join and remain with us.

4:36 We sought his company so the Jews would not discover our escape, lest they pursue and destroy us.

4:37 After Zoram made an oath unto us, our fears concerning him left. 

4:38 So, Zoram and my brothers took the plates of brass and journeyed back to our family.

1st Nephi Chapter 5

5:1 When Lehi and Sariah saw us return, they rejoiced. Sariah had grieved since we left, fearing we had died in the wilderness.

5:2 She blamed Lehi for leading us from Jerusalem into danger, calling him a visionary man.

5:3 She was upset at father for what he made us do.   

5:4 Lehi responded understandingly, “I know that I am a visionary man. If I had not seen God’s revelations in visions, I would not have known His goodness or the coming destruction of Jerusalem.

5:5 We would have perished if we stayed. Yet despite the trials, I have been guided to obtain a promised land. Here I rejoice, trusting the Lord will rescue our sons from Laban and return them safely.”

5:6 In this way, my father comforted my mother, Sariah. 

5:7 When we returned, Lehi and Sariah welcomed us with great joy. Sariah, once consumed by grief and doubt, was now comforted. Our safe return brought wholeness and relief to the family.

5:8 With our return, Sariah declared “I now understood the Lord’s purpose in warning us to leave Jerusalem and know that the Lord protected my sons and saved them from Laban and gave them power to accomplish this task.” 

5:9 Our family rejoiced and gave thanks to God and offered sacrifice and burnt offerings to the Lord.

5:10 After they had given thanks, my father, Lehi, took the records which were engraved upon the brass plates and he began to study them.  

5:11 He learned there were five books of Moses, which gave an account of the creation of the world, and of Adam and Eve, our first parents. 

5:12 Also, a record of the Jews from the beginning, from the commencement of the reign of Zedekiah, king of Judah. 

5:13 They also contained prophecies of the holy prophets, from the beginning and those spoken by Jeremiah. 

5:14 He also found a genealogy of his fathers and learned that he was a descendant of Joseph; the son of Jacob, who was sold into Egypt and saved by the Lord to rescue his people from the famine. 

5:15 They were also led out of Egypt and preserved by God. 

5:16 In addition to discovering his own genealogy, Lehi learned that Laban was a descendant of Joseph, which explained why Laban had preserved these sacred records.

5:17 When Lehi examined the brass plates, the Spirit filled him. He prophesied that these sacred records would one day go forth to all the nations and peoples of his lineage.

5:18 That the plates of brass would enlighten Lehi’s descendants across many lands and languages.

5:19 And that these plates would never perish or be dimmed by time. 

5:20 Up to this point, my father Lehi and I had been diligent in keeping the commandments the Lord had given us. 

5:21 We retrieved the brass plates, read and pondered the records, and recognized their immense worth for preserving the Lord’s words to pass on to our children.

5:21 Thus, we carried these sacred records with us as we continued our journey through the wilderness toward the promised land.

1st Nephi Chapter 6

6:1 I won’t give a genealogy of my fathers in my record or on these plates because it is already written in the record kept by my father. 

6:2 It is sufficient to say that we are descendants of Joseph.

6:3 On these plates I will leave room to write the things of God and not a detailed account of my father’s life, for my intent is to persuade all to come unto God.

6:4 My motivation is to bring all people unto God and salvation. 

6:5 I will not write the things which are of the world, but that which is of God and for those who are not of the world. 

6:6 I will also recommend to my posterity not to occupy these plates with things that are not of eternal worth.

1st Nephi Chapter 7

7:1 After prophesying about our posterity, the Lord inspired my father that his sons should marry and raise families in the promised land.

7:2 God instructed my father that I, along with my brothers, must return to Jerusalem to bring Ishmael and his household into the wilderness to join us. 

7:3 So we went.

7:4 We went to the home of Ishmael, and he was pleased with us and we gained his trust. We shared the words of God with him.

7:5 The Lord softened the heart of Ishmael, and his family, and they journeyed with us into the wilderness to the tent of our father. 

7:6 As we traveled on our journey, Laman, Lemuel, and two of Ishmael’s daughters and two sons, as well as their families, rebelled against me, Nephi, Sam and Ishmael, his wife and other three daughters.

7:7 This rebellion made them want to return to Jerusalem.

7:8 Their rebellion troubled me deeply. I implored my elder brothers Laman and Lemuel to soften their hearts. How could they remain so stubborn in the face of God’s power and miracles? Did they not remember the angel or God’s deliverance? I longed for them to open their spirits to the Lord’s word.

7:9 I kept urging them, “Why do you refuse to listen to God?”

7:10 Have you forgotten that you have seen an angel of the Lord?

7:11 Have you forgotten all the great things God has done for us, saving us from Laban and helping us obtain the record?

7:12 Have you forgotten that God can do all things according to his will, if we exercise faith in him?

7:13 If we stay faithful to God, He will lead us to the promised land. In time, you will see that everything the Lord foretold about Jerusalem’s ruin will come to pass. We must trust that His prophecies will be fulfilled.

7:14 The Spirit of God will be taken from those in Jerusalem for they have rejected the prophets and cast Jeremiah into prison. They tried to kill Lehi and drove him out.

7:15 If you return to Jerusalem you will die with them.

7:16 After I said these things to my brothers, they were angry with me. They held me, tied me up with cords and tried to kill me so that they might leave me in the wilderness to be devoured by wild beasts. 

7:17 But, I prayed unto God saying: O Lord, according to my faith, will you save me from my brothers? Will you give me strength so that I can burst the bands with which I am bound?

7:18 And after I prayed, the bands loosened from off my hands and feet and I stood again before my brothers.

7:19 Again my brothers grew angry and planned to kill me. But one of Ishmael’s daughters, her mother, and a son begged my brothers to stop. Their pleas softened my brothers’ hearts, and they relented.

7:20 And because of recognition of their wickedness, they became sorrowful, and they bowed down before me and pleaded with me to forgive them. 

7:21 I did frankly forgive them of all that they had done and encouraged them to ask God for forgiveness. And they did. After they were done praying we traveled again towards the tent of our father. 

7:22 And when we arrived at our father’s tent, they gave thanks to God and offered sacrifice and burnt offerings to him.

1st Nephi Chapter 8

8:1 We started gathering all sorts of seeds, grains, and fruit seeds.

8:2 And while we were living in the wilderness, our father shared a divinely inspired dream, a vision.

8:3 And because of the things which I have seen, I have joy in the Lord because of Nephi and Sam, because I have reason to believe that much of their posterity will be saved. 

8:4 But Laman and Lemuel, I worry because of you; for in my dream I saw a desolate, foreboding wasteland.

8:5 And I saw a man, dressed in a white robe, and he stood in front of me. 

8:6 And he talked to me and asked that I follow him. 

8:7 As I followed him I saw that I was in a dark and dreary waste land. 

8:8 And as I traveled many hours in darkness, I prayed that the Lord would have mercy on me, according to his many tender mercies. 

8:9 After I prayed, I saw a large and open field. 

8:10 And I saw a tree, who’s fruit made anyone who partook happy.

8:11 I took a bite of the fruit and it was the sweetest fruit I’ve ever tasted. The fruit was white, whiter than anything I’d seen before.

8:12 I ate the fruit and it filled my soul with great joy; I wanted my family to also eat it.

8:13 I looked for my family and saw a river near the tree.

8:14 Looking to the river’s source, I spotted Sariah, Sam, and Nephi nearby, unsure which way to go.

8:15 I beckoned them to come to me; and I spoke loudly to them to come to me and eat the fruit, which was more desirable than all other fruits.

8:16 They joined me and ate the fruit also. 

8:17 I wanted Laman and Lemuel to eat the fruit also and so I looked to the head of the river to find them. 

8:18 I saw them but they refused to come. 

8:19 I also saw a rod of iron that extended along the bank of the river and led to this tree where I stood.

8:20 There was a straight and narrow path near the rod of iron that also extended to the tree.

8:21 Countless people pressed forward to reach the path leading to the tree where I stood.

8:22 Once they entered the path, they progressed toward the tree.

8:23 But, a strong mist of darkness moved in and those that had commenced in the path lost their way, wandered off and were lost. 

8:24 I saw others pressing forward, and they caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they moved through the mist of darkness, clinging to the rod of iron, until they reached the tree and ate the fruit. 

8:25 After they ate the fruit they looked around and were ashamed. 

8:26 On the other side of the river I saw a great and spacious building, high in the air above the ground. 

8:27 It was filled with people, young and old, male and female, dressed exotically. They were pointing fingers at and mocking those of us that were eating the fruit. 

8:28 Those who ate the fruit and were ashamed by these scoffers, fell into forbidden paths and were lost. 

8:29 Now, these aren’t all the words of my father. 

8:30 To be short in writing, he saw other people pressing forward, who caught a hold of the end of the rod of iron, and they held firmly to the rod of iron until they were at the tree and ate the fruit. 

8:31 He also saw others feeling their way towards the great and spacious building. 

8:32 They were drowned in the river and others were lost from his view, wandering in strange roads. 

8:33 Many entered into that great and spacious building. After they entered they pointed at me and those that were eating the fruit; but we didn’t pay attention to them. 

8:34 Those who followed them fell away. 

8:35 My father said that Laman and Lemuel did not eat the fruit. 

8:36 After my father told us the story of his dream or vision, he also said that because of the things that he saw he was worried about Laman and Lemuel. He feared that they would distance themselves from God. 

8:37 He pleaded with them, with all of the feeling of a tender parent, to listen to him and hopefully God would be merciful. 

8:38 After he finished preaching to them, he told them to keep God’s commandments and he stopped speaking with them. 

1st Nephi Chapter 9

9:1 My father saw, heard and spoke these things as we lived in a tent, in the valley of Lemuel. There is more, a great deal more that cannot be written on these plates. 

9:2 As I stated before, these plates do not provide a complete history of my people. I have kept a fuller account on the large plates of Nephi. My people are called the people of Nephi.

9:3 God has commanded me to make these plates for the special purpose of giving an account of the ministry of my people. 

9:4 On the other plates I have included a history of the reign of the kings, the wars and battles fought by my people. But these plates are more for the ministry. 

9:5 I’m not sure of God’s purpose in commanding me to make these plates. 

9:6 But I am sure that God knows all things from the beginning and prepares a way to accomplish his work. So it is. Amen.

1st Nephi Chapter 10

10:1 Now I’ll give an account on these plates of my reign and ministry; to do that, I must first talk about my father and brothers.

10:2 After sharing his dream, my father Lehi spoke concerning the eventual fate of the Jews.

10:3 Father prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed, its people exiled to Babylon before later returning to reclaim their homeland – as it occurred according to the Lord’s timing.

10:4 Six hundred years from when father departed Jerusalem, God would raise a Messiah – a prophet foretold by many, who would redeem humankind from our lost and fallen state. In other words, a Savior of the world. 

10:5 My father spoke about prophets and how many of them testified about these things and this Messiah, the Redeemer of the world. 

10:6 Humanity remained in a lost and fallen state, requiring the foretold Messiah as our redeemer.

10:7 He also spoke about a prophet who would come before the Messiah, to prepare the way for the Lord. 

10:8 This prophet would cry to his people: Prepare the way for the Lord, make the path straight, there is one that stands that you don’t know; he is mightier than I am. Saying he was not even fit to remove the Coming One’s sandals.

10:9 My father said he would baptize in Bethabara, beyond Jordan; and that he would baptize with water, even the Messiah. 

10:10 And after he baptizes the Messiah with water, he would record that he had baptized the Lamb of God, who would take away the sins of the world.

10:11 My father spoke to us about the gospel which would be preached among the Jews and how the Jews would not believe. And after they kill the Messiah, who will come, he will rise from the dead and make himself known, by the Holy Ghost, to the Gentiles. 

10:12 My father spoke about the Gentiles, and also the house of Israel, that he compared to an olive tree, whose branches would be broken off and scattered all over the earth. 

10:13 He said that we would need to be led as one to the land of promise, which would fulfill the Lord’s word, that we would be scattered all over the earth. 

10:14 After the house of Israel is scattered, they will be gathered again. Or, after the Gentiles receive the full Gospel, the natural branches of the olive tree, or what remains of the house of Israel, will be grafted in and learn of the true Messiah, their Lord and Redeemer. 

10:15 My father said more which I have not written in this book. Some of what he said is written in my other book. 

10:16 During this time, my father lived in a tent, in the valley of Lemuel.

10:17 After absorbing my father’s insights and his vision, inspired by the Holy Ghost, which power he received by faith on the Son of God, I desired to see, hear and know these things for myself by the power of the Holy Ghost, which is the gift of God unto all those who diligently seek him.

10:18 God remains constant throughout time—yesterday, today, and forever. There’s a path for everyone from the start as long as they will repent and draw near to Him.

10:19 Those who diligently search will discover the mysteries of God, revealed through the influence of the Holy Ghost.

10:20 So remember, O man, every action will have its consequence.

10:21 If you choose wickedness, repentance and redemption yet await. However, all would do well to pursue virtue and holiness, that their joy may be full in the day of God’s judgment.

10:22 The Holy Ghost gives me authority to say these things, without reservation. 

1st Nephi Chapter 11

11:1 Desiring to know what my father had seen, I believed the Lord could reveal it to me. So, I sat pondering in my heart and was caught away by the Spirit of the Lord into a high mountain unknown to me.

11:2 And the Spirit said to me: What would you like? 

11:3 To see what my father saw.

11:4 Do you believe that your father saw the tree that he described to you?

11:5 Yes, you know that I believe all of my father’s words. 

11:6 After I said this, the Spirit sang with a loud voice: Hosanna to the Lord, the most high God, he is God over all the earth and above all. And you will be blessed Nephi, because you believe in the Son of God; you will see all that you desire. 

11:7 I will give you a sign, that after you see the tree which bore the fruit that your father tasted, you will also see a man descending out of heaven, and you will be a witness that this is the Son of God. 

11:8 And the Spirit asked me to look. And I looked and saw the tree that my father had seen; and it was beautiful beyond all beauty and whiter than the driven snow. 

11:9 After I saw the tree, I told the Spirit: I see the tree that is precious above all else. 

11:10 He responded: What more do you desire to see?

11:11 To know what it means. I spoke to the Spirit as a man, because he appeared as a man, yet I knew it was the Spirit of the Lord. 

11:12 And he told me again to Look! And I looked at him and couldn’t see him, because he had left my presence. 

11:13 Instead my view transformed and I saw the great city of Jerusalem, and also other cities. And I saw the city of Nazareth; and in the city of Nazareth I saw a virgin and she was fair above all others. 

11:14 And the heavens opened and an angel came down and stood in front of me and said: Nephi, what do you see?

11:15 And I said to him: A virgin, lovely beyond compare. 

11:16 And he asked me: Do you know of the condescension of God?

11:17 I told him: I know that he loves his children; however, I don’t know the meaning of all things. 

11:18 He continued: The virgin you see is the mortal mother of the Son of God.

11:19 I saw as she was carried away in the Spirit. 

11:20 I saw that this woman was cradling a child in her arms.

11:21 The angel conveyed to me that this child is the Lamb of God, the Son of the Eternal Father. Then he asked, “Do you now understand the significance of the tree that your father beheld?”

11:22 I replied: Indeed, it is the love of God, flowing into the hearts of His children. This is the most desirable of all things. 

11:23 And the most uplifting to the soul. 

11:24 He told me again to Look! And I saw the Son of God among the people; numerous individuals had fallen to their knees, worshiping him.

11:25 I saw that the rod of iron, which my father had seen, was the word of God, which led to the fountain of living waters, or to the tree of life; which waters represent the love of God; and I also saw that the tree of life represented the love of God. 

11:26 The angel said: Look and behold the condescension of God!

11:27 I looked and saw the Redeemer of the world, of whom my father had spoken; and I also saw the prophet who would prepare the way for him. And the Lamb of God was baptized by him; and after he was baptized, the heavens opened and the Holy Ghost came down out of heaven and was with him in the form of a dove. 

11:28 And I saw that He ministered unto the people, with power and great glory; and the people gathered to hear him. I also saw that he was rejected and cast out from among them. 

11:29 Twelve others, carried away in the Spirit, following him. 

11:30 Once more, the angel instructed me to Look! I saw the heavens open again, with angels descending to minister to the people.

11:31 The Lamb of God walked among the people, healing the sick, those with diseases, and those possessed by devils and unclean spirits. His power brought healing, and the evil spirits departed.

11:32 And I saw that the Lamb of God was taken by the people, the Son of the everlasting God was judged by the world. I saw this and recorded it. 

11:33 He was lifted up on the cross and killed for the sins of the world.

11:34 After his death, I saw the people gathering to oppose the apostles of the Lamb, as the angel referred to them. 

11:35 And the people were gathered together in a great and spacious building, like the building my father saw. And the angel of the Lord said: Look at the world and its wisdom; the house of Israel has gathered to fight against the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

11:36 I saw and recorded that the great and spacious building was the pride of the world; and it fell and the fall was great. And the angel spoke to me again and said: This will be the destruction of all nations and people who fight against the twelve apostles of the Lamb. 

1st Nephi Chapter 12

12:1 The Angel said: Look! And I looked and saw my posterity and the land of promise and many groups of people, more numerous than the sand of the sea. 

12:2 These groups were gathered for conflict, resulting in wars, rumors of wars, and significant bloodshed among my people.

12:3 I witnessed many generations marked by war and contention, observing the rise and fall of countless cities.

12:4 A mist of darkness enveloped the promised land, accompanied by lightning, thunder, earthquakes, and loud noises. The earth shattered, rocks broke apart, mountains crumbled, cities sank, and some were consumed by fire or collapsed due to earthquakes.

12:5 After I saw this, the vapor of darkness passed and many remained who had not succumbed to these great and terrible judgments of God. 

12:6 The heavens opened and the Lamb of God descended out of heaven; and he came down to be with the people that remained. 

12:7 The Holy Ghost descended upon twelve others; and they were ordained of God, and chosen. 

12:8 The angel explained, “These are the twelve disciples of the Lamb, selected to minister to your descendants.”

12:9 Do you remember the twelve apostles of the Lamb? They will judge the twelve tribes of Israel. They will judge your posterity, because you are of the house of Israel. 

12:10 These twelve ministers, forever righteous, had garments purified by their faith in Jesus and his atoning blood.

12:11 The angel prompted me to look again, and I witnessed three generations living righteously, their garments made white by the Lamb’s blood through faith.

12:12 Many in the fourth generation also lived and died in righteousness.

12:13 I saw the people gather together. 

12:14 And the angel said to me: This is your posterity and your brothers’ posterity. 

12:15 And I saw that my posterity and my brothers’ posterity were gathered to battle each other. 

12:16 And the angel said to me: Remember the fountain of filthy water that your father saw? And the river that he spoke about? These are the depths of hell. 

12:17 And the mists of darkness are the temptations of the devil, that blinds the eyes and hardens hearts and leads people away into broad roads, where they perish and are lost. 

12:18 The great and spacious building, which your father saw, are the vain imaginations and the pride of humanity. The great and terrible gulf that divides them is the word of justice of the Eternal God, and the Messiah.

12:19 While the angel spoke, I saw that my brothers’ posterity contended against mine and because of the pride of my posterity and the temptations of the devil, I saw that my brothers’ posterity overpowered mine. 

12:20 And after my brothers’ posterity overcame mine, they scattered across the earth.  

12:21 Through many generations I saw wars and rumors of wars among them.

12:22 And the angel said to me: These will dwindle in unbelief.  

12:23 After they had dwindled in unbelief they became repulsive, filthy, lazy and sinful.

1st Nephi Chapter 13

13:1 The angel instructed me once more to look, and I saw numerous nations and kingdoms.

13:2 When questioned by the angel about what I saw, I replied, “I see many nations and kingdoms.” 

13:3 And he said, these are Gentile nations and kingdoms.

13:4 Among the Gentiles, I observed the rise of a great church.

13:5 The angel conveyed that this church was the most wicked, as it persecuted, tortured, bound, controlled, and imprisoned the saints of God.

13:6 I saw that the devil was the founder of this church.

13:7 I also saw gold and silver, silks and scarlets and extravagant clothing; and I saw many harlots. 

13:8 And the angel told me that these things are the desires of this great and abominable church. 

13:9 For the praise of the world they destroy the saints of God and imprison them. 

13:10 I looked and saw many bodies of water that divided the Gentiles from my brothers’ posterity. 

13:11 And the angel told me that the wrath of God was upon my brothers’ posterity. 

13:12 A man among the Gentiles, inspired by the Spirit of God, crossed these bodies of water to reach my brothers’ posterity in the promised land.

13:13 And I saw that the Spirit of God inspired other Gentiles; and they escaped their captivity and also traveled across these bodies of water. 

13:14 There were many groups of Gentiles in the land of promise; and the wrath of God was upon my brothers’ posterity; and they were scattered among the gentiles and smitten.  

13:15 The Spirit of the Lord was also upon the Gentiles and they prospered and obtained the land for their families. All of these people were fair and beautiful, including my people before they were slain. 

13:16 The Gentiles who escaped captivity humbled themselves before the Lord; and the power of the Lord was with them.

13:17 Their mother Gentiles gathered upon the bodies of water and land also, to battle them. 

13:18 The power of God was with those who escaped captivity and humbled themselves before the Lord, and the wrath of God was upon all those who were gathered together against them to battle.

13:19 The Gentiles who escaped captivity were delivered from the hands of other nations by the power of God.

13:20 They prospered, and I saw a book carried among them.

13:21 And the angel asked me: Do you know the meaning of this book?

13:22 And I said to him: I do not.

13:23 The angel explained that the book, originating from a Jew, contained the covenants of the Lord to the house of Israel, prophecies of holy prophets, and constituted a shorter but similar record to the plates of brass.

13:24 This book held the fullness of the gospel, testified by the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

13:25 These things proceed from the Jews in purity unto the Gentiles, according to the truth which is in God.

13:26 And after they are passed by the hand of the twelve apostles of the Lamb, from the Jews unto the Gentiles, you see the formation of a great and abominable church, more wicked than any other church; because they have removed from the gospel of the Lamb many covenants and many parts which are plain and most precious.

13:27 And they have done this to pervert the right ways of the Lord, that they might blind the eyes and harden the hearts of the people.

13:28 Many plain and precious things were taken away from the book when it fell into the hands of the great and abominable church.

13:29 After these plain and precious things were taken away, the book went unto all the nations of the Gentiles and across the bodies of water. And because these plain and precious things were taken away, which were easy to understand, a great many people do stumble and Satan has great power over them. 

13:30 However, in spite of this, the Lord will not allow the Gentiles who have escaped captivity and have been lifted up by the power of God to destroy the mixture of your posterity which are among them. 

13:31 He will also not allow the Gentiles to destroy your brothers’ posterity.

13:32 The Lord would not leave the Gentiles in blindness forever due to the removal of plain and precious parts by the abominable church.

13:33 The Lamb of God promised mercy to the Gentiles and judgment upon the house of Israel.

13:34 In that day, the Gentiles would receive much of the gospel in plain and precious form, and the Lamb would manifest Himself to my posterity. He will be merciful unto the Gentiles in that day.

13:35 Despite the eventual destruction and dwindling of my posterity, their written records, containing plain and precious truths, would be hidden and revealed to the Gentiles in the Lord’s due time.

13:36 And in them shall be written my gospel, saith the Lamb, and my rock and my salvation.

13:37 And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.

13:38 I saw that the book of the Lamb of God which came from a Jew was read by the Gentiles and the remainder of my brothers’ posterity. 

13:39 And after this book came forth, I saw other books, which came forth by the power of the Lamb, to convince the Gentiles and my brothers’ posterity and also the Jews who were scattered upon all the earth, that the records of the prophets and twelve apostles of the Lamb are true. 

13:40 And the angel said: These last records shall establish the truth of the first, which are of the twelve apostles of the Lamb, and will make known the plain and precious things that were taken away from them. And all people will know that the Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the world; and that all men must come unto him to be saved. 

13:41 The words of the Lamb would be revealed in the records of my posterity and the twelve apostles, establishing unity, as there is one God and one Shepherd over all the earth.

13:42 And in time he will manifest himself unto all nations, both the Jews and the Gentiles; and after he has manifested himself unto the Jews and the Gentiles, then he will manifest himself unto the Gentiles and also unto the Jews, and the last shall be first, and the first shall be last.

1st Nephi Chapter 14

14:1 If the Gentiles heed the words, deeds, and power of the Lamb of God when He manifests Himself to them and remove their stumbling blocks,

14:2 And not harden hearts against the Lamb of God, they will be united with our posterity and the house of Israel; and they shall be a blessed people upon the promised land forever.

14:3 The great pit, dug by the great and abominable church founded by the devil and his children to lead souls to hell, will be filled by those who dug it.

14:4 This will be done according to the captivity of the devil and the justice of God to all those whose works are wicked and abominable. 

14:5 And the angel spake unto me, Nephi, saying: You have seen that if the Gentiles repent that it will be well with them and you also know the covenants of the Lord with the House of Israel; and you have heard that whoever does not repent must perish. 

14:6 Hardening their hearts against the Lamb of God will not bode well for the Gentiles.

14:7 The Lamb of God declared that a time would come when a great and marvelous work would be performed among humanity. This work would either lead to peace and eternal life or to the hardness of hearts, blindness of minds, captivity of the devil, and temporal and spiritual destruction.

14:8 Then the Angel said to me: Do you remember the covenants of the Father with the house of Israel? I said to him, Yes.

14:9 Then he said to me: Look, and see that great and abominable church, which is the mother of abominations, whose founder is the devil. 

14:10 And he said to me: There are two churches; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil; whoever does not belong to the church of the Lamb of God belongs to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth.

14:11 I looked and saw the whore of all the earth, and she sat upon many waters; and she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people.

14:12 I saw the church of the Lamb of God, and its numbers were few, because of the wickedness and abominations of the whore who sat upon many waters; but, I saw that the church of the Lamb, who were the saints of God, were also upon all the face of the earth; and their dominions upon the face of the earth were small, because of the wickedness of the great whore.

14:13 I saw that the great mother of abominations gathered many together across all the earth, among all the nations of the Gentiles, to fight against the Lamb of God.

14:14 I, Nephi, saw the power of the Lamb of God that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory.

14:15 And I saw that the wrath of God was upon that great and abominable church and that there were wars and rumors of wars among all the nations of the earth.

14:16 And as the wars and rumors of wars began among all the nations which belonged to the mother of abominations, the angel said to me: Look, the wrath of God is with the mother of harlots; and you see these things—

14:17 And when the day comes that the wrath of God is poured out upon the mother of harlots, which is the great and abominable church of all the earth, whose founder is the devil, then, at that day, the work of the Father shall commence, in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants, which he made with the House of Israel.

14:18 The angel then instructed me to look.

14:19 And I saw a man dressed in a white robe.

14:20 The angel told me that this is one of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

14:21 That he will see and write the remainder of these things; yea, and also many things which have been.

14:22 And he will also write concerning the end of the world.

14:23 The things which he will write are just and true; and they are written in the book that you saw which came from the mouth of the Jew; and the things which were written were plain and pure, and most precious and easy to understand.

14:24 Many of The things which this apostle of the Lamb shall write you have seen; and the remainder you will see.

14:25 But the things that you will see from now on you should not write about; for the Lord God has ordained the apostle of the Lamb of God that he should write them.

14:26 There are others who have gone before and have written about them and they are sealed up to come forth in their purity, according to the truth of the Lamb and in the own due time of the Lord.

14:27 And I, Nephi, heard from the angel and recorded that the name of the apostle of the Lamb was John.

14:28 I am forbidden from writing the remainder of the things which I saw and heard; what I have written is sufficient; and I have written just a small part of the things that I saw.

14:29 I saw the things that my father saw, and the angel of the Lord showed them to me.

14:30 Now I will finish speaking about the things that I saw while I was carried away in the spirit; and if all the things which I saw are not written, the things which I have written are true. And so it is. Amen.

1st Nephi Chapter 15

15:1 After being carried away in the spirit and witnessing these events, I returned to my father’s tent.

15:2 My brothers were engaged in heated discussions about our father’s teachings.

15:3 Our father had shared profound insights that were challenging to grasp without seeking guidance from the Lord. Unfortunately, their hardened hearts prevented them from turning to the Lord as they should have.

15:4 Concerned about their hardened hearts and the inevitable consequences due to the people’s great wickedness, I felt overwhelmed by my trials.

15:5 I even considered my challenges to be greater than anyone else’s, given the impending destruction of my people, as I had witnessed their downfall.

15:6 After gaining strength, I approached my brothers to understand the cause of their arguments.

15:7 They explained that they couldn’t comprehend our father’s words about the natural branches of the olive tree and the Gentiles.

15:8 I asked if they had sought guidance from the Lord.

15:9 And they said to me: We have not; the Lord does not reveal things like that to us.

15:10 I questioned their failure to keep the commandments and warned them about perishing due to the hardness of their hearts.

15:11 Reminding them of the Lord’s promise that if they didn’t harden their hearts, asked in faith, and kept the commandments, understanding would be granted.

15:12 I likened the house of Israel to an olive tree, explaining that we were broken off and a branch of the house of Israel.

15:13 Concerning the grafting of natural branches through the fulness of the Gentiles, I explained that in the latter days, after our posterity dwindled in unbelief, the fullness of the gospel would come to the Gentiles and, in turn, to the remnant of our posterity.

15:14 The remnant would then recognize their heritage, becoming the covenant people of the Lord and gaining knowledge of their Redeemer and His gospel.

15:15 At that time, they would rejoice, praise their everlasting God, receive strength, and come unto the true fold of God.

15:16 They would be remembered among the house of Israel, grafted in as a natural branch into the true olive tree.

15:17 This fulfillment would occur after their scattering by the Gentiles, showcasing the Lord’s power to the Gentiles due to the rejection of the Jews.

15:18 Our father’s words applied not only to our posterity but also to all the house of Israel, pointing to the covenant to be fulfilled in the latter days, as promised to our father Abraham.

15:19 I spoke much unto my brothers about these things; and also about the restoration of the Jews in the latter days.

15:20 And I read with them the words of Isaiah, who wrote about the restoration of the Jews, or of the house of Israel; and after they were restored they would never again be confused, nor would they be scattered again. My brothers were satisfied and humbled themselves before the Lord.

15:21 They also asked me: What is meant by what our father saw in a dream? What does the tree mean that he saw?

15:22 I explained that the tree represented the tree of life.

15:23 And they said to me: What is meant by the rod of iron which our father saw, that led to the tree?

15:24 And I said to them that it was the word of God, and whoever hearkens to the word of God, and holds fast to it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction.

15:25 Encouraging them to pay attention to the word of the Lord, I emphasized the importance of keeping His commandments.

15:26 Then they said to me: What is meant by the river of water which our father saw?

15:27 And I answered that the water which my father saw was filthiness; and so much was his mind swallowed up in other things that he didn’t notice the filthiness of the water.

15:28 I told them that it was an awful gulf, which separated the wicked from the tree of life, and also from the saints of God.

15:29 And that it represented that awful hell, which the angel told me was prepared for the wicked.

15:30 I told them that our father also saw that the justice of God did also divide the wicked from the righteous; and the brightness was like unto the brightness of a flaming fire, that ascends up to God forever and ever, and has no end.

15:31 And they asked me: Does this thing mean the torment of the body during our lives, or does it mean the final state of the soul after the death of the temporal body, or does it speak of the things which are temporal?

15:32 I said that it was a representation of things both temporal and spiritual; for the day should come that they must be judged of their works which were done by the temporal body during this life.

15:33 So, if they should die in their wickedness they must be cast off also, as to the things which are spiritual, which are pertaining to righteousness; and they must be brought to stand before God, to be judged of their works; and if their works have been filthiness they must needs be filthy; and if they be filthy it must needs be that they cannot dwell in the kingdom of God; if so, the kingdom of God would be filthy also.

15:34 The kingdom of God is not filthy, and unclean things cannot enter into the kingdom of God; so there must be a place of filthiness prepared for that which is filthy.

15:35 And there is a place prepared, which is that awful hell that I talked about, and the devil is the preparator of it; and the final state of the souls of men is to dwell in the kingdom of God, or to be cast out because of that justice of which I have spoken.

15:36 The wicked are rejected from the righteous, and also from that tree of life, whose fruit is most precious and desirable above all other fruit; and it is the greatest of all the gifts of God. And this is the conversation I had with my brothers. Amen.

1st Nephi Chapter 16

16:1 After I, Nephi, had finished speaking to my brothers, they said to me: You have said hard things, more than we can bear. 

16:2 I acknowledged that my words were indeed strong, especially against the wicked, while affirming the righteous. I explained that the truth may be hard for the guilty, as it cuts to their core.

16:3 I encouraged my brothers to be willing to listen to the truth, and give heed to it, that they might walk uprightly before God, then they would not murmur because of the truth or say that I speak hard things.

16:4 Diligently, I encouraged my brothers to keep the commandments of the Lord.

16:5 And they humbled themselves before the Lord; and I had joy and great hopes for them, that they would walk in the paths of righteousness.

16:6 Now, all these things were said and done as my father dwelt in a tent in the valley which he called Lemuel.

16:7 And I, Nephi, married one of the daughters of Ishmael; and also, my brothers married the daughters of Ishmael; and also Zoram married the oldest daughter of Ishmael. 

16:8 In this way my father fulfilled all the commandments of the Lord which had been given him. And also, I, Nephi, had been blessed greatly by the Lord.

16:9 And the Lord spoke unto my father by night, and commanded him that the next day he should take his journey into the wilderness.

16:10 So my father woke up in the morning, and went to the tent door and to his great astonishment he found upon the ground a round ball of curious workmanship; and it was made of fine brass. And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way that we should go into the wilderness.

16:11 And we gathered together whatever things we should carry into the wilderness, and all the remainder of our provisions which the Lord had given us; and we took all kinds of seeds with us.

16:12 And we took our tents and departed into the wilderness, across the river Laman.

16:13 After traveling for four days, nearly in a south-southeast direction, we pitched our tents again; and we called the name of the place Shazer.

16:14 And we took our bows and our arrows, and went into the wilderness to slay food for our families; and after we had slain food for our families we returned to our families, to the place of Shazer. And we went again in the wilderness, following the same direction, keeping in the most fertile parts of the wilderness, which were in the borders near the Red Sea.

16:15 We were gone for many days, slaying food along the way, with our bows and our arrows and our stones and our slings.

16:16 And we followed the directions of the ball, which led us in the more fertile parts of the wilderness.

16:17 After we had traveled for many days, we pitched our tents for a time, to rest ourselves and obtain food for our families.

16:18 And as I went to slay food, I broke my bow, which was made of fine steel; and after I broke my bow, my brothers were angry with me because of the loss of my bow, because we couldn’t hunt anymore.

16:19 And we returned without food to our families who were fatigued because of our journeying and they suffered because of hunger.

16:20 Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael began to murmur because of their sufferings and afflictions in the wilderness; and also my father began to murmur against the Lord his God; and they were all very upset, and complained against the Lord.

16:21 I was also afflicted because of the loss of my bow, and their bows having lost their springs, circumstances began to be exceedingly difficult, and we couldn’t obtain food.

16:22 I spoke to my brothers, because they had hardened their hearts again, and were complaining against the Lord their God.

16:23 And I made a bow out of wood, and an arrow out of a straight stick; and I armed myself with a bow and an arrow, with a sling and with stones. And I asked my dad: Where should I go to obtain food?

16:24 And he inquired of the Lord, for they had humbled themselves because of my words; for I said many things to them in the energy of my soul.

16:25 The voice of the Lord came to my father; and he was truly chastened because of his murmuring against the Lord, and because of this he was brought down into the depths of sorrow.

16:26 The voice of the Lord said to him: Look at the ball, and the things which are written.

16:27 When my father saw the things which were written upon the ball, he feared and trembled, and also my brothers and the sons of Ishmael and our wives.

16:28 And I saw the pointers which were in the ball, that they worked according to the faith and diligence and heed which we gave to them.

16:29 There was written upon them a new writing, which was plain to read and gave us understanding about the ways of the Lord; and it was written and changed from time to time, according to the faith and diligence which we gave it. And so we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things.

16:30 I went to the top of the mountain, according to the directions which were given upon the ball.

16:31 And I slayed wild animals and obtained food for our families.

16:32 And I returned to our tents with the animals which I had slain; and when they saw that I had obtained food, how great was their joy! And they humbled themselves before the Lord, and did give thanks to him.

16:33 And we again started our journey, traveling nearly the same course as in the beginning; and after we had traveled many days we pitched our tents again, so that we might stay for a time.

16:34 And while we were here, Ishmael died, and was buried in the place which was called Nahom.

16:35 The daughters of Ishmael mourned greatly because of the loss of their father, and because of their afflictions in the wilderness; and they murmured against my father, because he brought them out of Jerusalem, saying: Our father is dead; and we have wandered much in the wilderness, and we have suffered much affliction, hunger, thirst, and fatigue; and after all these sufferings we will perish in the wilderness with hunger.

16:36 In this way, they murmured against my father, and also against me; and they wanted to return to Jerusalem.

16:37 And Laman said unto Lemuel and also unto the sons of Ishmael: Let’s slay our father, and also our brother Nephi, who has taken it upon himself to be our ruler and our teacher, even though we are his older brothers.

16:38 He says that the Lord has talked to him, and also that angels have ministered unto him. But we know that he’s lying to us; and he tells us these things, and he works by his cunning arts, that he may manipulate us, thinking, perhaps, that he may lead us away into some strange wilderness; and after he has led us away, he has plans to make himself a king and a ruler over us, that he may do with us according to his will and pleasure. In this way, my brother Laman stirred up their hearts to anger.

16:39 But the Lord was with us, even the voice of the Lord came and spoke many words to them, and chastened them; and after they were chastened by the voice of the Lord they turned away from their anger, and repented of their sins, and the Lord did bless us again with food, that we did not perish.

1st Nephi Chapter 17

17:1 We journeyed again into the wilderness and traveled eastward. The women bore children and waded through much affliction as we traveled. 

17:2 And so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us, that while we lived on raw meat, the women had enough nutrients to feed their children, and they were strong and journeyed without complaining.  

17:3 The commandments of God must be fulfilled. If we keep them, He will nourish, strengthen, and provide a way for us to accomplish His commands, as He did while we wandered in the wilderness.

17:4 We lived eight years in the wilderness.

17:5 We arrived in a land called Bountiful, abundant with fruit and wild honey. The Lord prepared these things so we wouldn’t perish. We saw the sea, called Irreantum, meaning many waters.

17:6 We pitched our tents by the seashore and, despite many afflictions and difficulties, rejoiced at reaching the seashore. We named the place Bountiful because of its abundant fruits.

17:7 After I had been in the land of Bountiful for many days, the voice of the Lord came to me, and said: Arise, and go into the mountain. And I arose and went up into the mountain, and cried unto the Lord.

17:8 And the Lord said to me: You need to build a ship, after the manner which I will show you, in order to carry your people across these waters.

17:9 And I said: Lord, where will I go so that I may find ore to molten, that I may make tools to construct the ship after the manner that you have shown me?

17:10 The Lord told me where to go to find ore, so I could make tools.

17:11 And I made a bellows to blow the fire, from skins of beasts; and after I made a bellows, I struck two stones together to build a fire.

17:12 We didn’t need a fire as we journeyed in the wilderness; because the Lord said: I will make your food become sweet, so you don’t need to cook it;

17:13 And I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that you keep my commandments; and if you keep my commandments you will be led towards the promised land; and you will know that it is by me that you are led.

17:14 The Lord said also that: After you have arrived in the promised land, you will know that I, the Lord, am God; and that I, the Lord, did deliver you from destruction; and that I did bring you out of the land of Jerusalem.

17:15 Striving to keep the commandments, I encouraged my brothers to faithfulness and diligence.

17:16 I made tools from the ore I melted out of the rock.

17:17 And when my brothers saw that I was about to build a ship, they began to complain about me, saying: Our brother is a fool, he thinks that he can build a ship; and he also thinks that he can cross these great waters.

17:18 My brothers complained and didn’t want to labor with me, for they did not believe that I could build a ship; neither would they believe that I was instructed by the Lord.

17:19 I was really sorrowful because of the hardness of their hearts; and now when they saw that I began to be sorrowful they were glad in their hearts, and they rejoiced over me, saying: We knew that you could not construct a ship, for we knew that you were lacking in judgment and could not accomplish so great a work.

17:20 You are like our father, led away by the foolish imaginations of his heart; he led us out of the land of Jerusalem, and we have wandered in the wilderness for these many years; and our women have toiled, and been pregnant; and they have borne children in the wilderness and suffered all things, save it were death; and it would have been better that they had died before they came out of Jerusalem than to have suffered like this.

17:21 For all these years, we have been denied the luxury of our possessions and the comfort of our home in Jerusalem; we could have been enjoying our lives, instead we have been left to suffer in the wilderness.

17:22 The people in Jerusalem were a righteous people; for they kept the statutes and judgments of the Lord, and all his commandments, according to the law of Moses; so we know they are a righteous people; yet our father judged them, and led us away because we listened to him; and our brother is like him. In this manner my brothers murmured and complained about us.

17:23 And I Nephi said to them: Do ye believe that our fathers, who were the children of Israel, would have been saved from the hands of the Egyptians if they had not listened to the words of the Lord?

17:24 Do you think they would have been led out of bondage, if the Lord had not commanded Moses that he should lead them out of bondage?

17:25 You know that the children of Israel were enslaved and oppressed and you must understand that it was beneficial for them to be freed from bondage. 

17:26 Moses was told by the Lord to do something great; and you know that by his word the waters of the Red Sea were divided, and they passed through on dry ground.

17:27 But the Egyptians, the armies of Pharaoh, were drowned in the Red Sea.

17:28 And you also know that they were blessed and fed with manna in the wilderness.

17:29 And that Moses, by his word according to the power of God which was in him, struck the rock, and from it came water, that the children of Israel might quench their thirst.

17:30 Though the Lord, their God and Redeemer, had been faithfully leading the people and supplying them light day and night, providing all that man could need, they still refused to accept His guidance. Their hearts became hardened and their vision clouded, and they rebelled against Moses and the One True God.

17:31 And it happened just as he had said: he both destroyed them and led them, accomplishing all things for them by his word. Every action taken was in accordance with what he had spoken.

17:32 After they crossed the river Jordan, God made them powerful enough to defeat the people of the land and drive them out of their territories, completely destroying them.

17:33 Do you think that the descendants of those who originally inhabited this promised land, but were driven out by our forefathers, were righteous? I tell you, no.

17:34 Do you believe that our fathers would have been more favored than them if they had been righteous? Again, I say no.

17:35  The Lord regards all people equally; the one who is righteous is favored by God. However, this group of people had rejected every word of God, and they were fully immersed in wickedness. The full measure of God’s wrath was upon them; He cursed the land against them and blessed it for our fathers. Yes, He cursed it against them, leading to their destruction, and blessed it for our fathers, granting them power over it.

17:36 The Lord created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he created his children that they should possess it.

17:37 And he raises up a righteous nation, and destroys the nations of the wicked.

17:38 He guides the righteous to places of abundance and peace, while condemning the wicked to punishment, and their land suffers for their sins.

17:39 He ruleth high in the heavens, for it is his throne, and this earth is his footstool.

17:40 And he loves those who will have him to be their God. He loved our fathers, and he covenanted with them and he remembered the covenants which he made; so, he delivered them out of the land of Egypt.

17:41 God guided them through their trials in the wilderness with his rod, their hearts were hardened like yours. But the Lord was merciful, and after they were bitten by fiery serpents he prepared a way that they might be healed. All they needed to do was look and be cured. Though the cure seemed simple, many failed to look and live.

17:42 And they did harden their hearts from time to time, and they did rebel against Moses, and also against God; however despite this, you know that they were led forth by his matchless power into the land of promise.

17:43 After all of this, their wickedness has ripened; and the time has come that I fear they are about to be destroyed, except for a few who will be led away into captivity. 

17:44 Therefore, the Lord asked my father to leave his home and go into the wilderness; and the Jews tried to take away his life; yes, and you have also wanted to hurt him. Thus, the anger that lives in your hearts makes you like them.

17:45 You are quick to do wrong but are slow to remember the Lord your God. You have seen an angel and he spoke to you, and you have heard his voice from time to time and he spoke to you in a still small voice, but you were past feeling and couldn’t feel his words; he spoke to you like the voice of thunder which caused the earth to shake as if it were to divide.

17:46 You know that by the power of his almighty word he can cause the earth to pass away and the rough places to be made smooth and the smooth places to be broken up. O, then, why is it that you can be so hard in your hearts?

17:47 My spirit is overwhelmed by sorrow at the thought of you, and my heart is crushed; I dread that you will be cast off forever. The Spirit of God stirs within me, so much that my body has no strength.

17:48  As I spoke, the people grew angry with me and wanted to throw me into the sea. But as they came to seize me, I told them that I was filled with God’s power and that whoever touched me would wither away like a dried reed.

17:49 I told them to stop complaining about their father and help me build the ship, for God had commanded me to build it.

17:50 I told them that if God commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he commanded me to turn the water into earth, I would say it and it would be done.  

17:51 And so I ask, if the Lord can move mountains and perform miracles, why can he not provide me with the knowledge I need to build a ship?

17:52 So powerful was the Spirit of God that my brothers did not contend against me or touch me for many days.

17:53 The Lord instructed me to reach again to my brothers and he promised that their souls would not wither, but rather be shocked into the knowledge of His power. He declared that this was done so they would know He truly was the Lord, their God.

17:54 So I stretched my hand and they did not wither before me; but they were shaken, even according to God’s word.

17:55 And now, they said: We know for sure that the Lord is with you, for we know that it is the power of the Lord that has shaken us. And they fell down before me, and were about to worship me, but I would not let them, saying: I am your brother, even your younger brother; worship the Lord your God, and honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord God shall give you.

1st Nephi Chapter 18

18:1 And so it was that they worshiped the Lord and we worked together to build a ship of curious workmanship. The Lord showed me from time to time how to construct it. 

18:2 We worked not after the usual manner of learning, and the ship wasn’t constructed after the manner of the times; but we built it after the manner which the Lord showed me.

18:3 And I went often to the mountain to pray and the Lord showed me great things.

18:4 After we finished the ship, my brothers saw that it was good and the craftsmanship was excellent and they humbled themselves again before the Lord.

18:5 And the voice of the Lord came to my father, that we should arise and go down into the ship.

18:6 So after we had prepared all things, and gathered fruits and meat from the wilderness, and honey in abundance, and provisions according to that which the Lord had commanded us, we went into the ship, with all our supplies and our seeds, everything we had brought with us, every one according to their age, and we went into the ship, with our wives and our children.

18:7 Our father had two more sons in the wilderness; the oldest was Jacob and the younger Joseph.

18:8 And we put forth into the sea and were driven by the wind towards the promised land.

18:9 After many days of being driven in the wind, my brothers and the sons of Ishmael and their wives started to forget by what power they had been brought here and they began making themselves merry by speaking to each other rudely, dancing, singing and behaving disrespectfully. 

18:10 I was worried that the Lord would be displeased with us, and punish us because of our mistakes and that we might sink and be swallowed by the sea. So I spoke to them about this, but they became upset with me, saying: We will not allow our younger brother to rule over us.

18:11 So Laman and Lemuel took me and tied me with cords, and treated me harshly; and the Lord allowed it to happen that his word would be fulfilled about the wicked. 

18:12 When I was bound so tightly that I couldn’t move, the compass, which had been prepared by the Lord, stopped working.

18:13 Without the compass, they didn’t know where to steer the ship, and when a great storm arose, even a great and terrible tempest, and we were driven back upon the waters for three days; they began to be really afraid that they would be drowned in the sea; but they still did not loosen me.

18:14 And on the fourth day, the storm raged on.

18:15 When we were about to be swallowed up in the depths of the sea my brothers began to see that the judgments of God were upon them, and that they would perish unless they repented of their iniquities; so they came to me, and loosened the chords which were upon my wrist, and they were swollen; and also my ankles were swollen, and sore.

18:16 But I looked to my God, and I praised him all day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of my afflictions.

18:17 My father, Lehi, had said many things to them, and also to the sons of Ishmael; but, they threatened anyone that attempted to support me; and my parents being stricken in years, and having suffered much grief because of their children, they were brought down to their sick-beds.

18:18 Out of distress and grief, and because of the iniquities of my brothers, they were close to being taken away from this life to be with their God; their gray hairs were about to be laid in the dust and sunk in a watery grave, grieved and burdened with sorrow.

18:19 And Jacob and Joseph also, being young, in need of their nourishment, were grieved because of the afflictions of their mother; and also my wife with her tears and prayers, and also my children, did not soften the hearts of my brothers that they would release me.

18:20 And there was nothing except the power of God, which threatened them with destruction that could soften their hearts; so when they saw that they were about to be swallowed up in the depths of the sea they repented of the thing which they had done, and they released me.

18:21 After they loosened me, I took the compass, and it worked how I desired it. And I prayed to the Lord; and after I had prayed the winds ceased, and the storm stopped, and there was a great calm.

18:22 I guided the ship, and we sailed again towards the promised land.

18:23 We had sailed for many days and arrived at the promised land; we descended on the land and pitched our tents and called the place the promised land. 

18:24 We tilled the earth, and began to plant seeds; we put all the seeds that we brought from Jerusalem into the earth. They grew fast and strong and we were blessed in abundance.

18:25 In the land of promise, as we traversed the wilderness, we encountered many beasts, including cows, oxen, asses, horses, goats, and wild animals. We also discovered ore, gold, silver, and copper that could be used.

1st Nephi Chapter 19

19:1 The Lord commanded me to create plates from ore and engrave upon them the record of my people. I inscribed my father’s story, along with our journey in the wilderness and prophecies, both his and mine.

19:2 When I fashioned these plates, the Lord’s command came unexpectedly. These plates contain the records of my father, the genealogy of his fathers, and our experiences in the wilderness. Details before the creation of these plates are specifically outlined in the initial set.

19:3 Instructed to create these plates, I, Nephi, was told to record our ministry and prophecies. These writings were for the benefit of future inhabitants of the land and other wise purposes known only to the Lord.

19:4 I made a record, which gives an account, or which gives a greater account of the wars and contentions and destruction of my people on the other plates. I have asked my people to continue this record after I am gone so that these plates will be handed down from one generation to another, or from one prophet to another, until further commandments of the Lord.

19:5 Later, I’ll provide a detailed record of creating these plates, ensuring preservation of sacred information for my people.

19:6 Certain individuals may cherish what others dismiss or ridicule, going to the extent of trampling upon God. To be explicit, they not only disregard Him but also defy His guidance and counsel.

19:7 What some value, others disregard or mock, even trampling on God. I use strong words – they disregard Him and ignore His counsels.

19:8 And he will come, according to the words of the angel, in six hundred years from the time my father left Jerusalem.

19:9 Despite the world viewing Him as nothing, they mistreat Him, and He endures it. His great love leads Him to forgive those who spit on Him, whip Him, and beat Him.

19:10 And the God of our fathers giveth himself up into the hands of wicked men, to be lifted up and crucified, as Zenock foretold, and according to the words of Neum, to be buried in a sepulchre, for three days of darkness, as a sign given of his death.

19:11 Zenos prophesied that the Lord God would visit all of the house of Israel. Some will experience joy and salvation, while others will face God’s might through tempests, fire, smoke, darkness, earthquakes, and mountains being carried away.

19:12 The prophet Zenos said that these events will certainly come. The earth will tremble, and many rulers from the islands of the sea will feel God’s presence and acknowledge it. They will be moved by the Spirit of God to exclaim: The God of nature suffers. 

19:13 And concerning those who are in Jerusalem, the prophet has said that they will be despised by all the nations, because they crucified the God of Israel and refused to accept his signs and wonders, as well as his power and glory.

19:14 Forsaking God, they’ll suffer, die, and become objects of ridicule and hatred among nations.

19:15 But, the prophet said, when the day comes that they turn their hearts back to the Holy One of Israel, then he will remember the covenants which he made to their fathers. 

19:16 The Lord will remember His faithful children from the four corners of the earth and bring them from the islands of the sea, just as the prophet Zenos promised. He will gather all the people of Israel.

19:17 And all of the earth will see the salvation of the Lord; every nation, family, language and people will be blessed. 

19:18 I, Nephi, have written these things that perhaps I might persuade them to remember the Lord their Redeemer.

19:19 I address all the house of Israel, urging them to receive these teachings.

19:20 I’ve labored in the spirit, and my body is worn out for those at Jerusalem. Without the Lord’s mercy in revealing these things, I would have been destroyed.

19:21 The Lord extended knowledge to the prophets, including me, concerning those at Jerusalem. We must strive to learn from them as their teachings are inscribed on the plates of brass.

19:22 I, Nephi, taught my brothers these things; and I read to them from the plates of brass, that they might know concerning the doings of the Lord in other lands, among people of old.

19:23 And I read many things to them from the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their Redeemer I read to them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; and I likened those scriptures to our lives, that it might be for our profit and learning.

19:24 And I told them: Listen to the words of the prophet, you who are a remnant of the house of Israel, a branch which has been broken off; and liken these words unto yourselves and your lives, that ye may have hope as the prophet has written.

1st Nephi Chapter 20

(The Following Chapter is Comparable to Isaiah 48 from the Bible)

20:1 Hear me, descendants of Jacob, known as Israel, born into the family of Judah or baptized into the waters, identifying as followers of God. Despite these affiliations, your actions lack truth and righteousness.

20:2 Even though you say you are from the holy city, you do not live close to God.

20:3 From the start, I declared the former things; my words went forth, making them known.

20:4 I understand your strong-willed nature; your necks are unbending and unyielding, like iron. Your minds are as hard as bronze, unable to mold.

20:5 I forewarned you from the beginning to prevent you from attributing events to idols and carved images. I predicted these happenings beforehand.

20:6 You witnessed and heard all of this; why not warn others? I revealed hidden things, yet you didn’t grasp them.

20:7 These revelations unfolded in our time, not from the beginning. Even before you were aware of them, they were already made known, preventing you from claiming prior knowledge.

20:8 Your ears were closed; you didn’t hear or understand. I foresaw the treachery you would bring upon yourself from the start; a transgressor from birth.

20:9 Nevertheless, for my sake, I will rescue you and show mercy.

20:10 For, you have been refined, I have chosen you from the furnace of affliction.

20:11 I will rescue you for my sake-yes, for my own sake. I will not allow my name to be polluted, and I will not give my glory unto another.

20:12 Listen to me, O family of Jacob, Israel my chosen one! I alone am God, the First and the Last.

20:13 I have created the foundations of the earth and have stretched out the heavens with my hands. I call them and they answer me.

20:14 Come, gather together and listen; who among them has proclaimed these things? The Lord loves us and is pleased to fulfill the promises he has made through them. He will peacefully bring his will upon Babylon and his arm will protect the Chaldeans.

20:15 I the Lord do declare, that I have brought him, and he shall make his way prosperous.

20:16 Come unto me; I have spoken openly since the beginning of my mission. The Lord God, and his Spirit, hath sent me.

20:17 The Lord your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, has spoken. He has sent His messenger to instruct and guide you on the right path. He has done this for you.

20:18 If you had come unto me, your joy would have been like a flowing river and your righteousness like the mighty waves of the sea.

20:19 Your descendants would have been countless as the grains of sand, your offspring plentiful like the pebbles in a riverbed. His name should have not been forgotten or removed from your memory.

20:20 Escape and flee from Babylon! Sing with joy and proclaim this message, declare it to the ends of the earth: The Lord has redeemed his chosen one, Jacob.

20:21 He led them through the barren lands and touched the stones and brought forth streams of water, and never did they thirst.

20:22 And even though he has done all this, and greater also, there is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.

1st Nephi Chapter 21

(The Following Chapter is Comparable to Isaiah 49 from the Bible)

21:1 And now, listen, O house of Israel, all of you who have been driven away and scattered because of the wickedness of your spiritual leaders; yes, all of you who have been broken off and scattered about, who are still my people. The Lord has called you from birth and has not forgotten you.  

21:2 He has empowered your words like a sharpened sword, keeping you sheltered beneath his arm and refining you into a polished arrow, safe and secure within his quiver.

21:3 And the Lord spoke to me, saying: You are my chosen, O Israel, and through you I will be glorified.

21:4 In response, I acknowledged, “I have toiled diligently, yet it seems in vain. Nevertheless, God understands the value of my efforts.”

21:5 The Lord formed me in the womb to be his servant and bring Jacob back to him—yet, even if Israel is not yet united, I will be glorious in the Lord’s eyes, and my God will be my strength.

21:6 And the Lord said: I am asking you to rebuild the tribes of Jacob and to revive the faithful of Israel. You will also be a light to the Gentiles, to be my salvation to all the world. 

21:7 The Lord God, who is despised by mankind and abhorred by his people, will be seen and honored by kings and princes. The faithful Lord hears those in desperate need.

21:8 The Lord said: In such a time of grace I will listen to you. I will give you salvation, a servant for my covenant with all people. I will establish the earth and restore what was desolate to its rightful owners.

21:9 So that you may proclaim to the prisoners, “Go forth,” and to those in darkness, “Reveal yourselves.” They shall find sustenance in various places, and their pastures shall be on elevated grounds.

21:10 They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them.

21:11 And I will make all my mountains into level paths for them and the highways will be raised above the valley.

21:12 And then my people will return from far away, from lands to the north and west, and from as far south as Egypt. 

21:13 Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O earth; For the Lord has comforted his people and will have compassion on them in their suffering. 

21:14 Although Zion may say, “The Lord has deserted us,” He will show that He has not. 

21:15 For can a woman forget her nursing child? Even if that were possible, I still would not forget you.

21:16 I have engraved you on the palms of my hands and you are continually with me. 

21:17 Soon your descendants will come back, and all who are trying to destroy you will leave. 

21:18 Lift up your eyes and see; all these gather themselves together, and they shall come to you. And as I live, saith the Lord, you will be clothed together and crowned as a bride. 

21:19 Even the most desolate parts of your abandoned land will soon be crowded with your people and your enemies will be removed. 

21:20 The generations born in exile will return, saying, “It is crowded; make room for me to live here with you.”

21:21 Then you will say in your heart: Where have these, my people, come from? I was bereaved and barren, exiled and put away. Who raised them? There I was, left alone; But these, where were they?”

21:22 This is what the Lord God declares: “I will lift up my hand to the nations and set up my ensign to the people. They will bring their sons in their arms and carry their daughters on their shoulders.”

21:23 Kings and queens will bow down to you with their faces to the earth and clean the dust from your feet. Then you will know that I am the Lord and those who put their hope in me will not be put to shame. 

21:24 Will the powerful be deprived of their spoils, or will the righteous be freed from captivity?

21:25 The Lord says: I will contend with them who contend with you and even the spoils of the powerful will be taken away.

21:26 And I will feed them that oppress you with their own flesh; they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine; and all shall know that I, the Lord, am the Savior and Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

1st Nephi Chapter 22

22:1 After I, Nephi, read the words engraved on the plates of brass, my brothers inquired about the significance of these writings. Were they allegorical, prophetic, or addressing worldly matters?

22:2 I explained that the prophet received the message through the Spirit, as all revelations come to the prophets.

22:3 And the things I read relate to both physical and spiritual matters; it appears that the house of Israel, sooner or later, will be scattered throughout the whole world, and even among all nations.

22:4 Our knowledge of the people in Jerusalem has faded; most tribes are lost, dispersed to unknown lands, their whereabouts unknown.

22:5 And since they have been led away, it has been prophesied that they will be scattered among all nations and hated by all men.

22:6 However, in the days to come, we who are of the house of Israel shall be nursed by the Gentiles and our children carried in their arms and our daughters upon their shoulders according to the covenants of the Lord. 

22:7 It means that when all of the house of Israel is scattered and confused, God will raise a mighty nation among the Gentiles here on the face of this land who will scatter our seed. 

22:8 After our seed has been scattered, the Lord will do a remarkable work among the Gentiles which will be of great worth to our posterity. This is what is meant by being nourished and cared for by them and carried upon their shoulders.

22:9 The Gentiles will also benefit and all of the house of Israel, to the fulfillment of the covenants of the Father of heaven to Abraham that: All of the people of the earth will be blessed by your posterity. 

22:10 My brothers, I hope you realize that all nations on earth cannot be blessed unless He reveals His power to them.

22:11 So, the Lord God will proceed to reveal his work to the eyes of all the nations, in bringing his gospel and covenants to those who are of the house of Israel. 

22:12 They will be rescued from captivity and gathered together to their own lands and will be brought out of obscurity and darkness and will know that the Lord is the Savior and their Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel. 

22:13 The consequences of the wrongdoings of that great and abominable church, which is worshiped by the world, shall be brought upon their own heads; for they shall fight against themselves and the weapons of their own hands will be the cause of their bloodshed. 

22:14 And all those who rise up against the house of Israel will turn against each other and fall into the pit they dug to ensnare the people of the Lord. Those who fight against Zion will be destroyed, and that wicked church that has perverted God’s ways, will be reduced to ruins, crumbling under its own weight and great will be its fall. 

22:15 The prophet said that the time is coming soon when Satan can no longer influence the hearts of people; and all those who are arrogant and do wicked deeds shall be defeated; and the day will come when they shall face fiery destruction.

22:16 The time will come soon when God’s wrath will be fully released upon all people; He will not allow evil to defeat the righteous.

22:17 He will preserve the righteous by his power, with wrath if necessary, and the righteous be preserved, even unto the destruction of their enemies by fire. Wherefore, the righteous need not fear for the prophet said that they will be saved. 

22:18 My brothers, these things will shortly come; even blood, fire and vapors of smoke upon the earth; and it will come so that the people will not harden their hearts against the Holy one of Israel. 

22:19 And the righteous will not perish; those who fight against Zion will be cut off. 

22:20 The Lord will prepare a way for his people, that these words of Moses will be fulfilled: The Lord your God will raise up a prophet unto you and you will hear all things he will say. And those who do not hear the prophet will be cut off from among the people. 

22:21 And now, I, Nephi, want to tell you that the prophet Moses spoke of was the Holy one of Israel. He will always judge in righteousness.

22:22 And the righteous need not fear for they will not be shamed. But it is the kingdom of the devil, which shall be built up among the people by the world—

22:23 The time will come swiftly when all churches created for financial gain, to gain power over others, to gain popularity with the world, and those engaged in sin and seeking the desires of the flesh shall be afraid. They shall be brought low in the dust, consumed like stubble, as foretold by the prophet.

22:24 The day is quickly coming when the righteous will rise up to great heights, and the Lord of Israel will reign with power, strength, and great glory.

22:25 He will gather his children from the four quarters of the earth; and he numbereth his sheep, and they know him; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd; and he shall feed his sheep, and in him they shall find pasture.

22:26 And because of the righteousness of his people, Satan has no power and will be bound for many years; because he has no power over the hearts of the people, because they live in righteousness, and the Holy One of Israel reigneth.

22:27 And now, I, Nephi, must tell you that all of these events will happen as predicted.

22:28 But, as long as they repent, all nations, countries, languages, and people shall find safety in the Holy One of Israel.

22:29 And I now finish this section of writing concerning these things.

22:30 And I hope you consider that the things which have been written upon the plates of brass are true; and they testify that a man must be obedient to the commandments of God.

22:31 It is not just father and I that have testified and taught these things. If you are obedient to the commandments and endure to the end, you will be saved on the last day. And thus it is. Amen.