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(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 10

10:1 Now I’ll give an account on these plates of my reign and ministry; to do that, I must first talk about my father and brothers. 10:2 After sharing his dream, my father Lehi spoke concerning the eventual fate of… Read More »(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 10

(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 8

8:1 We started gathering all sorts of seeds, grains, and fruit seeds. 8:2 And while we were living in the wilderness, our father shared a divinely inspired dream, a vision. 8:3 And because of the things which I have seen,… Read More »(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 8

(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 7

7:1 After prophesying about our posterity, the Lord inspired my father that his sons should marry and raise families in the promised land. 7:2 God instructed my father that I, along with my brothers, must return to Jerusalem to bring… Read More »(AMM) 1st Nephi Chapter 7